$ Who we are

We are a vulnerability research company which digs into hidden faults in various software. Check our public researches in blog

Hacking, Security Field
Our team is made up of researchers who have rich experience and architecture knowledge in the Hacking/Security Field.
Hacking, Security Field
We have been analysing vulnerbilities and developing exploits about Mobile, Desktop applications, Web etc, for years
Hacking Competitions win
We got many successes in the latest vulnerability reporting, domestic/internation hacking competitions, and Pwn2Own.

$ What we do

We provide the following services with high technical knowledge.

Vulnerability Research

We research unknown vulnerabilities of software and provide the amazing results for you.

1-Day Report Service

We provide monthly reports on PoC and root cause by analyzing patched vulnerabilities in commercial software.

Exploit Development

We develop the Exploit tools and PoC working on software with patched vulnerabilities.


We run a hacking, security training course.

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